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Roggen Telephone
Over 90 Years of Excellence!
Roggen Telephone Cooperative members have seen us grow with changing technology for over 90 years. During this growth we listened to our members and collected an impressive offering of features that allow our members to customize their phone service to their needs. Features ranging from Basic Phone Service to Caller-ID and Long Distance and now even VoIP services and solutions. Give us a call at 303-849-5260 or 611 from your Roggen Area home phone to find out how we can customize your voice service for you today! Roggen Telephone basic land line Telephone Service is available to the customers living in the Roggen Exchange area only.
On this page you will find information for:
  • Local Phone service
  • Lifeline Low Income Assistance Program (with form links)
  • Roggen Long Distance Rate Plans
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1828 Switch board
Basic services are offered to all consumers in the Roggen Telephone Cooperative Company service territory only at the rates, terms and conditions specified in the company’s tariffs.
Residential Service Single Party                           $21.22/mo
Federal Subscriber Line Charge–Single Line          $ 6.50/mo
Business Service Single Party                             $21.22/mo
Federal Subscriber Line Charge                          $ 9.20/mo
We have updated our Terms Of Service, you can read it here: Roggen Telephone Terms of Service
Emergency 911 services surcharges are assessed according to government assessments. Currently Weld County has set the surcharge at $1.72/mo per line.
Customers have access to long distance, directory assistance, and operator service providers of their choice, at rates established by those carriers.
A list and pricing of our additional services and Call Features are provided at our business office (519 Front Street, Roggen, Colorado).
Toll Blocking is available at no charge for low-income customers that qualify. Low-Income individuals eligible for Lifeline telephone assistance programs may be eligible for discounts from these basic local service charges through state specified telephone assistance plans. 
Roggens first telephone office
Lifeline Low Income Assistance Program
You may be eligible for discounts of $9.25 on your monthly telephone charges.
Lifeline Low Income Assistance is a government benefit program that provides monthly discounts on ONE telephone service (wireline or wireless) for low-income consumers. Lifeline is a non-transferable benefit and is available to eligible low-income consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth and on Tribal lands. You must be eligible to enroll, and you must re-certify your eligibility with the service provider every year. Federal rules prohibit eligible consumers from receiving more than one Lifeline service per household.
Through the assistance program, administered by the Federal government, eligible individuals who are currently receiving benefits via one of the following programs may also be eligible for a discount on their Basic Telephone Service. Toll blocking is available at no charge for low income customers that qualify. Individuals may qualify for this discount by being a participant in one of the following programs:
       Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) or Section 8
o    Supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP)
o    Medicaid
o    Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
o    Federal Public housing assistance (FPHA)
o    Veterans Pension or Survivors Pension
o    Income-based eligibility and Additional eligibility programs for Tribal lands.
Participation in a Federal program alone, such as Social Security, does not constitute eligibility for these phone charge discounts. The legislature expanded Lifeline eligibility to include all residents who have a monthly household gross income at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty level. Lifeline is a government assistance program and service is non-transferable. Only eligible customers may enroll and the program is limited to one discount per household.

To determine if you are eligible, please go to Am I Eligible? This will walk you through a few questions and let you know if you qualify for the discount.

Another option to verify eligibility is to complete this form and return it to the Roggen Telephone office. Please click here for the Lifeline Eligibility Form.

If you have questions or need to contact the Roggen Telephone office, please call 303-849-5260. 
Main Office Front Door
Roggen Long Distance Rate Plans

Plan A
Platinum Plan
Interstate - .07 per minute
Intrastate - .11 per minute
Monthly Recurring Charge - $3.95
Plan B
Silver Plan
Interstate - .08 per minute
Intrastate - .12 per minute
Monthly Recurring Charge - NONE
Plan C
Gold Plan
Interstate - .10 per minute
Intrastate - .10 per minute
Monthly Recurring Charge - NONE
Interstate = Calls Out of State
Intrastate = Calls In State
800 Number Service
Do you wish you had an 800 number for your business? Now you can!
Interstate - .13 per minute
Intrastate - .15 per minute
Monthly Recurring Charge - $3.00
Note: All calls and call charges TO and FROM
an 800 number are billed to the owner of the 800 number.
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