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Roggen Telephone General Support
Roggen Telephone General Support is only for quick answers to questions that have publically available answers. If you need support specific to your Roggen Telephone Services please visit the Help Desk Customer Portal at Important Note: Customer Portal contains RTEBB proprietary Support Tools and Information so it is only accessable from a customers Roggen Telephone or RTEBB provided internet connection.
General Questions and Answers

Q: Where can I find the Roggen Telephone Privacy Policy?
A: The Roggen Telephone Privacy Policy can be accessed by clicking the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of every page on this website.

Q: Does Roggen Telephone have Online Bill Pay?
A: Yes, you can access the Online Bill Pay section of our website by clicking E-Bill Online above or click the Billing and Payments link at the bottom of any page on this site.

Q: Does Roggen Telephone have support after business hours?
A: Yes, Customers can leave a message at 303-849-5000 24/7 and your message will be distributed to everyone at Roggen Telephone. The technician that is closest to a computer and/or other tools required to provide you the best resolution will call you back as soon as possible. Also, if your email is working properly you can get the same result by emailing your question to

Q: Can I get Roggen Telephone phone service where I live?
A: If you live in the Roggen area the answer is yes, you are welcome to contact us for land line phone service availability if you live in the Roggen community. Anyone outside of the Roggen area can only get land line service from their local provider. Alternatively, internet based phone service is available to anyone with an internet connection and Roggen Telephone's internet service has been tested and is compliant with all currently known Voice over Internet providers.
Telephone Questions and Answers

Q: Am I required to have a "wired" or "corded" phone on my Roggen Telephone land line.
A: No, Cordless phones and corded phones will work either way but in the event of a power outage your cordless phone will be unusable so it is always a good idea to keep a corded phone around for emergencies.

Q: I am getting ready to work in my yard and I will be doing some digging. Can I find out where my phone line is burried?
A: Yes, you can request to have all buried facilities located with a simple call to the Utility Notification Center of Colorado by dialing 811 from any phone. Tip: It is always a good idea to mark the area you plan to dig with white flags to let the locators know your plan so they can pay special attention to that area. White Flags are the standard used to indicate the Proposed Dig Area.

Q: I was digging and pulled up a cable and now I have no phone service. What should I do?
A: You can report any damaged facility by calling the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at 811. If you know for sure the only facility damaged was your phone service you can then call your phone service provider. If you are a Roggen Telephone customer please call 303-849-5000 and leave a detailed message of your location, contact information and the damage. A technician will contact you quickly to make arrangements to meet you at the location.

Q: Why do I hear a loud hum or buzz on my phone line?
A: There are many possibilities for this type of trouble. In most cases it is a cordless phone that has interference. Unplug the cordless phone base for 5 minutes and then reconnect. If the problem persists unplug each phone or device connected to the phone line until the buzzing stops. If neither of these solutions resolves the problem please contact Roggen Telephone Support at 303-849-5000 or

Q: I was in a bad lightning storm and now my phone no longer works. What should I do?
A: This type of problem usually indicates damage due to a close lightning strike. Contact Roggen Telephone Support at 303-849-5000 or to report the problem and have a technician come to inspect your wiring and equipment for damage.

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